Episode 015 – Peace is a Journey of 1000 Miles, Taken One Step at a Time

Chris came from a background he describes as being pulled straight from the pages of Hillybilly Elegy.  Sexual abuse, an almost cult-like interpretation of religion, eating disorders, failed relationships and finally, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Despite where he came from, Chris is none of those things.  He is an entrepreneur, artist and family man.  He is transforming his life through the power of presence, self-development and nutrition.  His relationships are becoming more beautiful he is returning to his faith in the way that speaks most deeply to him.

Chris is a beautiful example of the kind of person I love knowing.  He’s a man who is letting his past be the fuel for a burning desire to serve others.  He’s not hiding in the shadows any longer.  Chris is stepping into the light, into his faith and into his power.

Keep going brother!  I can’t wait to watch what you create in this world!!

Christopher is an author, speaker, consultant and wellness advocate specializing in the hospitality and service industry. He is currently working on his debut memoir which tells his story about a being a rising star in the Christian faith, only to reject it and spend the next 15 years traveling and working in the bar and nightclub industry. His is a story of redemption through acts of service via his self healing of an eating disorder and bi-polar diagnosis. Christopher lives in New Orleans with his wife Ruby and their newborn son, Wyatt. Ruby is a musician, plant based educator, and yoga instructor. You can learn more about their work @holisticwolfpack


“Warriors aren’t always the ones who win, but they are always the ones who fight”

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