Episode 026 – Improving Our Teenagers’ Will to Live


A family living the American dream.

Until it was shattered by their 15-year-old son’s suicide.

How do you recover from a tragedy of that magnitude?

Do you ever recover?

The path to healing is often revealed in service to others.

It helps find meaning in the pain.

Former Red Sox pitcher John Trautwein and his family have started the Will to Live Foundation in honour of their son Will.

They are doing more than raising awareness about suicide and mental health.

They are teaching them the importance of their relationships with one another.

They are giving young people a new vocabulary.

They are making it OK to say,

Love Ya Man


  • A native of the Chicago area (Barrington, IL), John, along with his wife Susie moved to Johns Creek, GA in 1997. He is the proud father of four beautiful children, and President of Source Support Services, a global IT Services company headquartered in the Atlanta area (Lawrenceville, GA).
  • In October 2010, John and his family suffered the tragic loss of his oldest child, his 15 year old Son, Will, who took his own life Will, a strong, popular and successful young man was a freshman at Northview High School, and his death devastated not only the Trautwein’s but the entire community.
  • As a result, John and his wife Susie started a nonprofit foundation called “The Will To Live Foundation” to work closely with the kids, through the kids of our community to not only help spread the message of teen suicide awareness in our community but also help these teens recognize the wonderful bonds of friendship we call “life teammate bonds” that help each other find the good in life!
  • John is a Graduate of Northwestern University and an Ex professional baseball player, playing 7 years in the Expos and Red Sox organizations, including pitching for the 1988 American League East Champion Boston Red Sox. His wife Susie was a lacrosse and Field hockey player for the University of VA, thus you’ll understand why the foundation’s message is so focused on the concept of “teammates” whether it be sports, clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth groups, churches, bands, orchestras, choirs or families, Life Teammates are in our lives today!
  • Since the foundation started, John has been making well over 100 speeches and presentations annually to high school students, college students, teams of all kinds, parents, coaches, teachers in communities across America. He has mastered the ability to deliver the Will To Live Foundation’s message of “love” and “hope” and being there for each other.

Learn more about John’s important work here:



“Warriors aren’t always the ones who win, but they are always the ones who fight”

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