Episode 041 – Creating Relationships that Work

Are you there for me? Accessible, Responsive and Emotionally Engaged….

Many partners ask this question to each other in a variety of ways and often through unclear and hidden messages.

Love has been a hot topic throughout time, and for good reason!

Having or developing secure and loving relationships generates numerous advantages.

We now have more understanding of what creates safe and secure relationships and what happens when love goes wrong.

Join me as I talk to relationship expert Kim Muse as we talk about:

  • Secure Attachment and Health
  • Isolation
  • What happens when loves goes wrong
  • Predictable responses to separation distress
  • Understanding levels of emotional experience
  • How to re-engage and soften
  • Facing Fears and coming together

Creating wonderful relationships is one of the most fulfilling pursuits we can engage in.  Kim will show you how!

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Kim Muse is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and relationship specialist that practices in Dallas, TX at The Couple Zone.  She provides direct services to couples as well as co-hosts weekend intensive workshops throughout the year.  She has received advanced training in, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, an empirically validated approach for treating couple conflict and disconnect.

In addition, she has obtained education in trauma from Dr. Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, M.D.  Kim holds current memberships in the National Association of Social Workers, and the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.


  • Email: kim@couplezonedallas.com
  • Website address:  couplezonedallas.com
  • Linked in: Linkedin.com/in/kimberlee-muse-75aa3440
  • International Link to find EFT therapists: iceeft.com

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