Mental Health Microsode 001 – Placing People on a Pedestal Imprisons Us All

This is our first microsode which is a short take on the episode we released earlier in the week.  It’s a chance to clarify things, provide some feedback and answer any questions we’ve gotten from listeners. I will do my very best to keep to around five minutes but for those who know me, I can’t make any promises!

In this microsode, Jason talks about the problems we create when we put people on pedestals – for us and for them.  The world would be a much different place if we could turn the mirror inward and realize that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.


“Warriors aren’t always the ones who win, but they are always the ones who fight”

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  1. jason July 19, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    I share my story on our website, “My Perfect Storm call” I’m all about sharing it, and will be doing so with another fire chief in the midwest later this week. I’m done with the stigma. Now I want to help others.

    Leckey Harrison

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