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Sabrina is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner with 22 years experience working within community mental health settings. She has provided direct service to youth, adults and in the last ten years has focused on supporting families. A natural story-teller, Sabrina uses her professional and personal experience to help others understand how to support recovery and motivate change. She is also a Certified Master Trainer in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and Suicide Alertness for Everyone (SafeTALK).

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Nick is a Registered Psychotherapist and “Retired” firefighter and fire instructor. Nick has written a book to help First Responders and their families begin conversations about mental wellness. Nick has presented extensively on the topic of First Responder Mental Wellness. With a deep understanding that PTSD is not the only mental struggle that will affect the First Responder, Nick tries to counter this idea. While PTSD certainly destroys First Responders and their families, there are a long list of other mental health struggles that can destroy First Responders first.

Contact Nick through his website, After the Call.